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 Our start in bulldogs back in April 1997 literally begins in a High School parking lot ! We had gone to a local show to watch bulldogs. Of course knowing absolutely nothing about dogs shows period we ended up being late and missed the bulldogs entirely ! As we were walking back to our car in dissapointment we spotted a lady walking a bulldog puppy in between the cars in the parking lot. We just had to talk to her so we "stalked" her all the way back to her car ! Her name was Jeri Bloomquist (from Ashland, WI) and her bulldogs name was "Stella Mae". We talked for a long time and exhanged phone numbers. Forward to January 1998....out of the blue we get a call from Jeri telling us that Stella was having puppies and are we still intersted ? Well I think you all know the answer to that question don't you ? Our first bulldog MiMi was born on 01/25/1998 during halftime on Superbowl Sunday.

How did we get into showing ? When we first got MiMi we only wanted a pet. Since we were members of the St Paul/Minneapolis Bulldog Club and they were hosting their annual Specialty Show in August 1998 we thought we would enter MiMi just to show our support to the club. Well to our surprise MiMi took 2nd place out of a large entry of 6-9 pups. To this day, Jamie will never forget what the judge said to him that day when he was showing MiMi "if you train the little heathen, you will have a nice bitch" ! I guess those words did not scar him too much as he is still in the show ring today !

How did we get into breeding ? When we first got MiMi we had zero and I mean zero intentions of breeding her. So what changed our minds you ask ? Well we had gone to the Milwaukee Specialty Show in July 2000 and this is where MiMi shocked us all and won a 5pt Specialty Major ! The Judge was Wayne Brower and he said to us that if we ever wanted to breed her, to call him first as he has someone in mind. That someone was Ch. Millcoats Solomon. We really wanted another bulldog and thought how nice it would be if we could have one out of MiMi. The first breeding we missed. The second breeding was another story in itself. To make a long story short, Fed Ex lost the "goods". The shipment was suppose to arrive on Saturday at our vet clinic and did not show up until late Monday. We figured since it was July and the shipment was tracked to Dallas, TX and after sitting on the tarmack for 72 hours in 100 + heat, the "goods" would be dead. When it arrived, to our surprise it was still OK so we used it and on September 15,2001 we were blessed with 4 beautiful baby girls !

And as they say... the rest is history...

MiMi The Snow Queen

Back in 2003, Marshall Field Stores sold a Bulldog Tote Bag that featured MiMi's girls on it. It was only fitting since the girl's sire Ch. Millcoat's Solomon was featured on Hallmark Cards for many years.

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