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Where has the time gone........
Eleanor Babies - Day 10
The BIG DAY has arrived !
Day 52 and all is well.......
Eleanor is having babies !!!


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Where has the time gone........

Hard to believe Eleanor's babies will be 11 weeks old this Saturday 3/16/2013.  Just seems like yesterday that they were born !  Attached is their 9 week photo.  Please note all of the pups have been spoken for.

Eleanor Babies - Day 10

January 8, 2013 - Eleanor's babies are 10 days old now and are all doing fantastic !  All weigh close to 2#.  Last couple of days we have been seeing some "peepers" as their eyes are starting to open.  Eleanor just loves being a momma !

The BIG DAY has arrived !

December 29, 2012 - Eleanor's babies arrived into the world !
Dr. Jim and staff delivered 4 girls & 2 boys ranging in weight from 347 grams to 500 grams.  All beautiful & healthy !
    Pre C-section Exam (Eleanor weighed 61.5# and was 38# around)

Day 52 and all is well.......

12/21/2012 - Day 52.....Eleanor is definitely having babies !!!  C-Section is scheduled for 12/29/2012 @ 9am with Dr. Jim.  Finger crossed !!!
Look at that puppy bump !
       Uncle Gordee comforting Eleanor....      
     Look at that Puppy Bump !!!

Eleanor is having babies !!!

11/23/2012 - Eleanor had her ultrasound today (Day 24 since implant) and we saw babies !!!  Counted 7 !  C-section is scheduled for Dec 29th.

And now the waiting begins.......

Eleanor was bred (surgical implant) on Tuesday 10/30 (Day 14) and as Dr. Jim put it, everything went textbook !  Eleanor is due for an ultrasound on Fri. 11/23.  So now we sit and wait and look for any suttle changes in Eleanor....If all went well, babies would be due on 12/29/2012....more to come........

Eleanor Breeding Update

10/27/2012 - Eleanor's progesterone result (Day 11) this morning was 5.79.  We will be doing surgical implant on Tuesday 10/30/2012 (Day 14).  So happy she read the same book as her momma Gladys & Granny Gracee as they were also Day 14 implants !

Eleanor Breeding Update

Thursday 10/25 - Eleanor Progesterone result (Day 9) was 2.73 - Recheck on Saturday 10/27

Specialty Show Results & Baby time !

October 12, 2012 - Eleanor wins "Select Bitch" at the Illiana Bulldog Club Specialty Show under Judge Mr. Herbert A. Adams.
October 13, 2012 - Eleanor went "Best In Specialty Show" at the Illiana Bulldog Club Specialty Show under Breeder Judge Mr. Wayne Brower !  We are so very proud of our girl !
October 17, 2012 - Eleanor is in Season !  Baby time :-)
October 19,2012 - First slide.  1st Progesterone Scheduled for Monday !
October 22, 2012 - First Progesterone results were low.  Next test scheduled for Thurs. 10/24.

Bullyful Bulldogs Website....

Our Bullyful Bulldogs website is FINALLY launched...Enjoy !
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