BullyfulBulldogs - English Bulldog Breeder
MiMi's 5 pt Specialty Major                
 Milwaukee Specialty Show               
         July 29, 2000                                          
             MiMi loved to show.......
 MiMi's Best of Breed Win
       Marshalltown, IA
             April 2000
                MiMi's Retirement
                Best Veteran Bitch
         Heart of America Bulldog Club
                      April 2004
Our First Homebred Champion !
Finished with 4 majors all under      Gracee's first show as a Special
Bulldog Breeder Judges all out of       BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW
the Bred By Exhibitor Class on           Heart of America Bulldg Club
March 6, 2004 in Columbia, MO                     April 2004 
            Best of Opposite
Lone Star Bulldog Club Specialty
             Arlington, TX
          October 1, 2004
       In Jan 2005, Gracee took
    us all the way to Orlando, FL !!
  Gracee in Best of  Breed                          Gracee's Retirement
         2006 Nationals                                      Veteran Class
           Orlando, FL                                        2009 Nationals
                                                                                   Kansas City, MO
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